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Seamless and bolted metal structure.

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Seamless metal structure

The seamless metal structure is a construction technique that is increasingly used in metal processing, as it allows greater speed and flexibility in the production of metal structures. This process consists of joining the parts by means of fasteners such as joints, instead of using metal welding techniques.

In this article we will review the advantages offered by this structural system and how it facilitates the development of a wide range of metal works without the need for welding, such as frames and decks, mezzanines and walls, temporary support structures and stairs, among other applications.

Advantages of a seamless steel structure

The use of a seamless steel structure offers numerous advantages for the construction of steel structures. It is a fast, economical and safe process with a wide range of applications.

Speed: Unlike welding, which is a process that requires skill, time and organization, the assembly of parts using screws and bolts is a fast process that does not require prior preparation or much skill. This can speed up the production process of enclosures and other metal structures.

Safety: This type of structure does not require the use of welding material, cleaning products and other solvents that can be harmful to health, nor the use of puttying and grinding tools, which can generate dust particles.

Flexibility: The use of screws and bolts allows a wide range of structural configurations, either in the height, depth and width ratio of certain elements, or in the risk of being able to disassemble the structure to modify or relocate it.

Cost: The low investment required in materials, the speed of execution and the reuse of structures are factors that make this type of construction more economical than other traditional construction systems.

Applications of a seamless steel structure

The seamless metal structure has a wide and varied range of applications. Among them, we can mention the following:

It is an ideal solution for the development of warehouses, offices, factories, multi-family dwellings, workshops, sports complexes and other types of commercial, industrial and domestic environments.

This type of structure is highly recommended for the support of building facades, roofs, balconies or canopies. It does not require welding and can be assembled and disassembled in a short period of time.

In conclusion, the seamless steel structure is a process that, thanks to its speed and low cost, offers numerous advantages and applications in construction and civil works. Its ease of assembly and flexibility allow the design and construction of a wide variety of products and, since it does not require welding, it is a safe and clean technique.

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