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Steel structure system - How does it work?

STARMODUL is a patented system and a world novelty that aims to form metal structures for tubular or solid structural, square or rectangular profiles.

Our system is based on patented joints that allow us to assemble the metal structure without welding and without having to adjust the structure in the workshop.

It is an innovative dry construction system that consists of metal pieces that allow us to join tubes without welding and the construction of metal structures of infinite shapes and sizes.

With our system we achieve an economical, safe, clean and above all fast assembly process. It allows the use of steel, aluminum or wood in a Meccano-type assembly, which can be carried out by non-specialized personnel, since it is very simple and extremely intuitive.

Technical specifications of our steel structure joints

StarModul joints are manufactured from 3 mm alloy steel, cold-rolled and hot-dip galvanized. With a subsequent treatment of chromatized passivation. Once the profile is formed, it is subjected to an electrolytic zinc plating treatment.

This treatment, apart from protecting them against rust and corrosion, improves their mechanical resistance to abrasion and environmental chemical agents. At the same time it gives it an attractive shiny metallic finish. For more specific or demanding specifications, we can manufacture, upon request, these parts in other types of steel or alloys, such as STAINLESS STEEL.

Strength and manufacturing characteristics

  • Steel class ——————– DD11
  • Tensile strength ——– Rm 386N/mm²
  • Yield strength ——————– Re 280 N/mm²
  • Elongation at break ——- A> 36.8%.
  • Designation————————- Coil AB 1635
Vigas IPN
viga aluminio

Measures and materials allowed for the construction of metallic structures

STARMODUL joints can be used with the following materials:

  • Metal profiles (steel, iron, aluminum)

  • Wooden profiles (Any type of wood)

  • IPN and HEB beams.

Profile sizes supported by the StarModul system

    • 10×10 cm square tube (Any thickness)

    • 10×5 cm rectangular tube (Any thickness)

    • 5×5 cm square tube (Any thickness)

    • 2,5×2,5 cm square tube (any thickness)

Screws for metallic structures

The main constructive characteristic of our system (SM) is that all joints are made by means of dowel screws of total accessibility. Only hand, ratchet or fixed wrenches are required.

For fastening the Starmodul joints, we use hexagonal zinc-plated screws DIN 933 (ISO 4017) – Class 8.8 with M10x20 dimensions.

The material used for the hardware is Steel / A4 / A2 with bichromated and zinc plated coating.

The hex nuts that hold the bolts are 8.8 or 6.8 (ISO4017) with a neoprene rubber to make them self-locking. Nuts are also DIN 933 (ISO 4017) with galvanized zinc plating according to DIN 50 901 A2, bichromated.


Bolted joints for metallic structures - With fins vs. without fins

The system is based on the formation of nodes for the connection of structural and self-supporting bars, which are part of metal structures ranging from simple to complex.

In order to cover most of the possible structural materials that our customers may use, we have developed two groups of bolted joints; one with fins and one without. A sample of both possibilities can be seen in images “A” and “B”.

Although both options are applicable to most materials
structures, option “B” is usually the most common option.
used in aluminum and wood profiles. Option “B” is the one we normally work with steel pipes.

Patented system for metallic structures

StarModul is patenting and we have the Community Industrial Design Registration. Manufactured entirely in Spain, it has the CE marking for metal structures for the anodized standard EN-1090-1:2011 + A1:2012 and our company has the ISO 9001.

The joints are manufactured according to the specifications and test methods of the standard UNE-EN ISO 1461:2010.

By means of these joints we are able to define a system characterized by the ease of modulation in the diversity of elements, not referring to special finishes and reaching an extreme speed and cleanliness in the realization of the work due to the absence of the use of welds.

The versatility offered by the StarModul system makes it an efficient alternative to the traditional construction system or an ideal complement to it.

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