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Light metallic structures for roofs with seamless metallic structures. Starmodul

Estructura ligera para una cubierta

Metal framed roof structures are a popular way to provide shelter and protection from the elements, especially in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural settings. Lightweight metal structures offer an economical and durable solution that can be easily adapted to the user’s needs. One of the most popular types of metal frame structures is the welded […]

Non-Welded Lightweight Structures

a building under construction with a pile of dirt and trees

When it comes to constructing buildings and other structures, welding is one of the most commonly used techniques. However, in recent years, engineers and construction experts have increasingly turned to weldless lightweight structures. These structures offer a number of advantages, such as faster construction times, lower material and energy costs, and improved safety and quality. […]

Benefits of iron structures for sandwich panels

Estructura metalica para panel sandwich

Iron structures for sandwich panels can be an excellent choice. The iron structures are designed to support and secure the sandwich panels, providing a reliable and durable solution. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using iron sandwich panel structures and how they can improve the strength and durability of your building. What […]

Advantages of Metal Construction

vivienda de estructura metalica y con panel sandwich

Like any other type of building, steel structures have their own problems and advantages. The advantages of steel structures are numerous and suggest that they are the major construction system of the present day Steel structures have all the advantages of both mass production and prefabrication.It is possible to reinforce steel structures at any time […]

Starmodul presents its new products at Rebuild 2024.

Starmodul presentacion feria Rebuild

Starmodul was present at REBUILD – Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0, presenting its industrialized construction system of easy assembly and high energy efficiency. Starmodul is always at the forefront of the bolted metal construction system with its patented connections to build metal structures and metal constructions in an industrialized and easy-to-assemble manner. We […]

Richness of structural steel types

Instalacion de tubo de acero para exportacion

Despite appearing to be a uniform material, structural steel hides a wide variety of varieties, each with its own unique properties and applications. These differences allow designers and engineers to create more efficient, durable and customized structures. Carbon structural steelIt is the type of steel most commonly used in structures. Its composition is mainly based […]

How long have steel-framed houses been in use?

Vivienda construida con estructura de acero

When it comes to houses in Europe, many people think of steel-framed houses as a relatively new concept in modern housing. However, what many people do not realize is that steel has been used as a housing construction material in Europe for more than 50 years. Looking even further back, steel has been used as […]

Advantages of metallic structures. Part II

Ruben 2022 oct3 37

4-Lightweight structureMetal constructions are 30% lighter on foundations than traditional construction. They offer a better weight/strength ratio than other construction materials. Its advantages provide greater adaptability to delicate soils. Extending buildings to a greater height (floor or terrace), while with materials such as concrete it will be impossible to do so without modifying the existing […]

Advantages of Steel Structures. Part I

estructura metalica de acero-1

1-Architectural freedomSteel offers more interesting characteristics than other materials due to its weight/strength ratio. It is equally suitable for private homes, buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings and other large structures. It reduces or even eliminates the need for load-bearing walls, so you can have a structure without the inconvenience of having pillars or vertical supports in […]

Benefits Metal Structures for Houses

Casa industrializada de dos plantas

Metal Structures for Homes: 10 Options and Benefits Metal structures for houses have become increasingly popular in the construction world, thanks to the numerous benefits they offer. Combining the innate strength of steel with modern designs offers both aesthetic and constructive advantages. This makes them the preferred choice for many architects and builders when designing […]

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