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Advantages of Steel Structures. Part I

1-Architectural freedom
Steel offers more interesting characteristics than other materials due to its weight/strength ratio. It is equally suitable for private homes, buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings and other large structures.

It reduces or even eliminates the need for load-bearing walls, so you can have a structure without the inconvenience of having pillars or vertical supports in the middle of your space. As a result, it guarantees the possibility of having large panoramic openings, wide spaces and storage areas. It also fits perfectly with glazed facades.

These possible options are the reason why architects have more freedom for their creativity and at the same time: to satisfy their need and expectation.

This construction process can be adapted to the architectural design of large and complex projects. The metal structures are assembled mechanically, which will facilitate any necessary modification or renovation.

Metal structures adapt to all types of cladding and materials, both indoors and outdoors (plasterboard, wood, bricks, breeze blocks, siding, PVC, glass, stone, etc.).

To date, there is no other material that can offer similar architectural possibilities, making steel structure the first choice for major construction contractors.

2-Resistant and durable
Climate change is causing an increasing number of natural disasters every year, which means that the construction sector is facing major challenges in adapting to this new environmental condition.

We offer an efficient construction method, using durable, high-performance materials that withstand these conditions at affordable prices.

Since steel is softer than other construction materials, it copes with deformation much more easily. While maintaining the advantage of their lightness, which is around 30% compared to wood or concrete constructions, the materials we use are in every way more durable and solid than wood, bamboo, etc.

3-Anti-seismic and anti-cyclical
The latest studies on earthquake-resistant constructions show that traditional constructions are the main cause of the high mortality rate in seismic risk areas.

Knowing that there is not much that can be done today against geological phenomena, a solution is provided that responds to the need to use materials that meet this demand.

Metal constructions can withstand the aftershocks and deformations caused by the earthquake. Since steel has tough and ductile properties, it deforms before breaking.

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