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Advantages of Metal Construction

Like any other type of building, steel structures have their own problems and advantages. The advantages of steel structures are numerous and suggest that they are the major construction system of the present day

Steel structures have all the advantages of both mass production and prefabrication.
It is possible to reinforce steel structures at any time in the future, which contributes to extending their service life.
Ductility: property of steel to undergo plastic deformation before breaking completely, which improves reserve strength.
High fatigue resistance.
The overall speed of construction when using steel structures is impressively high, reducing the costs typically associated with long-term construction work.
It allows its construction with bolted systems, which facilitates the assembly by the personnel.
In general, steel has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, making the structures themselves relatively light in relation to the weight they can support.
Many of the properties of steel can be predicted with relative accuracy, which greatly facilitates the calculation of potential stress levels and other important criteria.
Use of coatings on steel to make it more resistant to rust.
Of course, there wouldn’t be a market with so many different options if there was one perfect solution for everything.
At StarModul we are developing and patenting a metal construction system with a single purpose, to simplify on-site assembly and achieve lower costs in the construction of the project.

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